Tanning: Sun Baking Is Out, Fake Is In

Posted By on April 20, 2014

Summertime is here, you want to get ready for holidays and time spent in your bikini, but that pale body does not complete the picture of a healthy you! Apart from the dangers of tanning we constantly hear, where do you find the time to achieve a healthy glow? Fake it, of course, you get a safe and fast result equally beautiful as the real deal.

Baking is out

Baking is out

Two basic categories of sunless tanning are sunless tanners actually staining your skin and fading when skin cells slough off. The other is cosmetic bronzers washing off like your make-up. More people steer toward these products for color to lessen UV light exposure from tanning salons, apart from it being economical.

Wash-off products such as cosmetic bronzing powders are mostly for facial use to be applied daily underneath your make-up. They leave a natural olive glow, whereas the bronzing gels leave the dreaded orange tone. Spray bronzers are applied after make-up for a subtle hint of color and shows well on any skin type.

Sunless tanners contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which interacts with the outermost skin layer, the epidermis. This type of tanning oppose to cosmetic tanners are the most popular as it is longer lasting. Good products last up to seven days and fading naturally when dead skin cells slough off. Some of these products work gradually with a build-up of color, great for those who want to tan subtly.

It comes in various application forms such as gels, lotions, mouse, and sprays, each with their advantages and disadvantages for ease of use. Ease of use is not always the top priority as an even streak less tan is what you want.

Gels and lotions are often referred as easiest to apply, however if you are not careful you end up with uneven, blotchy tan, with the advantage that the drying time is fast. Mousses on the other hand does not contain much moistening properties and not for dry skins. It is fine to use on oily skins with the disadvantage that fading is usually uneven.

Spray tanners are easy to use and one of the most popular, but as with the other products even spraying is essential. The only disadvantage of sprays is that facial use is not recommended, as you do not want DHA mist in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Regardless of the products you use on your skin, visiting the best spray tan review by SkinCareHelper.org ensures a safe and healthy option for your skin type.

What Can I Do To Cure My Horrible Neck Pain?

Posted By on April 20, 2014

Neck pain is usually developed after tons and tons of neck strain put in the neck muscles. The neck is always having a lot of pressure put on it because you can turn your head a lot or carry several items on your back, and these can always hurt the spine leading up to your neck. Neck pain relief can be achieved through a variety of different neck pain solutions. Different solutions may not work completely, but you just need to try them out because each thing may not properly target the specific part of the neck.

What Can I Do To Cure My Horrible Neck Pain?

Use a heating pad

Use a heating pad

Heat Pad

If your neck is just a stiff neck suffered from during the night, you’ll find that a nice heated pack is all you need to heal your neck pain. The neck strain is very tough to heal, especially if it is just in one specific area. So you definitely want to focus on using a heat pad and then putting it on the area of your neck that is the most stiff.

Neck Brace And Devices

Neck braces are very good for the neck because they can help the neck reach the right form and alignment. If the neck muscles are strained and it is not properly in line, you will find that the brace or device will be quite uncomfortable for awhile on your neck. It is usually very hard to deal with if your neck just hasn’t been stretched in awhile and you have let the pain stay. Several devices for neck pain relief are meant to help you heal the specific area of your neck so it becomes more free.

Stretch your neck all around

Move your neck around in circles every morning, every hour, and throughout the day. If your neck is really strained, all you have to do is stretch it out and move your head in all sorts of directions. The more you let it stay in one position, the more the pain will never subside.

Neck pain is usually caused by all kinds of different problems in the body, and even age has an effect on what happens. The only problem is that neck pain is usually prevented by being active and always moving the neck around. You need it to be mobile so you can relax and feel zero pain. Neck pain braced and all forms of devices are great to buy to save you stress from a doctor’s visit.

A Closer Look at Social Anxiety Disorder

Posted By on April 20, 2014

Often referred to as social phobia or shyness, social anxiety disorder is basically a type of chronic anxiety that is affecting people globally. This condition has been explained as the irrational fear of finding oneself in social situations. It adversely impacts the development of normal relationships; deters people from enjoying a normal and healthy life and prohibits participation in community activities. Because of the consistent fear and stress of not fitting in with others or embarrassing themselves, those suffering from this disorder are prone to being highly unsocial and like to spend their time all by themselves or in the company of a couple of trusted individuals.

Shyness—Is it Equal to Social Anxiety?

Well, it is quite natural for humans to be shy. Experienced by healthy, normal people from all walks of life and all ages, shyness is but a normal emotion which is often positive in nature. In some cases, it acts as an innocent safeguard and keeps one humble or on the toes –especially when he/ she is attracted to someone or is being endowed with compliments. Shyness also lays down the grounds for the nurturing of deeper relationships and bonds.

However, when this emotion goes to extremes, making it difficult for an individual to make free eye contact or speak confidently, then it is no longer termed as “shyness”. This exaggerated behavior makes him/ her avoid social situations altogether and gives way to a negative condition known as “social phobia”. As the situation progressively worsens, these people start experiencing the common symptoms of anxiety whenever they are forced into situations that demand social interactions, verbal communications or other obligations.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

People suffering from the disorders of social anxiety often complain of sweating, stuttering, racing of the heartbeats nervousness, nausea, fast breathing, and diarrhea; along with many other symptoms. This irrational phobia also leads the patient to constantly worry about embarrassing himself by saying/doing the wrong things when placed among a group of strangers or acquaintances alike. The acts of speaking to groups, going on dates, eating/drinking in public, using public restrooms, asking questions in classrooms and so forth become almost impossible and elicit the many symptoms of anxiety.

In some people, even the simple task of calling up a number and talking to a stranger triggers off the stress signals; making them feel more comfortable with emails or textural messages as their preferred means of communication. These symptoms affect a person’s ability to enjoy and lead a normal life and leads to other complicated psychological conditions like low self esteem, depression and others. Fortunately, social anxiety disorders can be treated with medications and psychotherapy, if the right steps are taken at the right time.

All the best!

Tips For Managing Scalp Psoriasis

Posted By on April 19, 2014

Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects the scalp and other parts of the body. It is important to point out that the major causes of psoriasis are similar regardless of where it forms. This condition occurs when skin cells grow quickly because of faulty signals from the immune system. New skin cells are supposed to form in weeks but this condition makes them to form in days. The excess skin cells are not shed by the body and therefore resulting into scalp psoriasis. Patches of psoriasis begin to appear when the skills cells pile up on the surface of the skin. This article will highlight some of the major tips for managing scalp psoriasis:

Stop scratching the scalp

Scalp psoriasis can be very itchy but dermatologists advise that those with this condition should stop scratching their scalp. The psoriasis can be made worse by scratching because it can even lead to bleeding. The other notable effect of scratching your scalp when you have psoriasis is hair loss. It is therefore a good idea to avoid scratching your scalp even if it is extremely itchy.

Treating the psoriasis

The itch can only stop when the psoriasis clears after treatment and that is why the affected person should seek medical help immediately they notice the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. It is advisable to seek the help of your dermatologist when you can no longer bear the itch. It is therefore important to not that the best way to stop the unbearable itch is to treat the psoriasis.

Shampoo gently

Shampoo gently

Shampoo gently

The psoriasis can be made worse by scratching, scrubbing and rubbing and that is why the shampoo should be applied gently when cleaning your hair. Intense rubbing and scratching can lead to bleeding and hair loss for a person that has scalp psoriasis.

Remove the scale with care

The scale on the scalp should be removed with care using a scale softener as a way of treating scale psoriasis. The psoriasis can flare-up when you remove the scale by picking and that is why you should remove it gently using a scale softener. The thick and stubborn patches of psoriasis are easily softened by the salicylic acid in the scale softener. The psoriasis medicine works better when the patches have been softened. It is advisable to lift your hair out of your way when applying the psoriasis medicine to your scalp. It is also advisable to avoid stress because it can cause psoriasis flare-up. Light therapy for psoriasis of the scalp is also recommended when it comes to managing the condition.

Top 4 Reasons to Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Naturally

Posted By on April 17, 2014

Quit smoking naturally

Hypnosis can influence the way a man thinks, perceives things, memorizes and solves problems. This is no hoax; but a scientifically proven fact that this technique can feed an amazing will power so deep into a human brain that even the high-intensity addiction of smoking fails to sustain. Here are the top 4 reasons to use hypnosis to quit smoking naturally.

1. It’s a Safe Way to Quit Smoking that Doesn’t Trigger Any Chemical Reaction in the Body

Hypnosis is the safest way to get rid of harmful habits. It doesn’t need any drug to do some hormone reaction in the body and convince the mind. In this case, you simply feed the desired thought into your subconscious mind and let it do its job. This is how the hypnosis technique controls the smoking urge without causing a threat to your health.

2. No Dependance on Medications Means No Chances of Developing Additional Addictions

When you continue to take a drug to stop the intense urge to smoke, your internal system or hormones get habitual, or sometimes too dependant on the drug’s effect. This means, you’ve to take the drug as long as you want to stay away from smoking. In other words, you get addicted to another substance, which is available in the form of a drug, and it makes your life even worse. With the help of hypnosis, you’ll be able to quit smoking with no such developing some other addiction.

3. Excellent For Natural Stress Relief

Even hypnosis is best for overall lifestyle alteration. Daily life stress or emotion instability increases our dependence on the habit of smoking. If you can kill the root cause of the complication, taking a control over this regular habit won’t be a problem. Hypnosis can help your mind be focused. It can help your brain get free from the negative influences. That way your willpower to stand strong against the odds increases. You can overcome the stressful life situations and so the urge to smoke easily.

4. You’ll Be Able to Stop the Urge to Smoke Permanently

Although nicotine addiction is too intensive to easily get rid of, we simply see no reason to give up to this hazardous habit. Hypnosis is known to increase will power. The subconscious mind, which is considered the most powerful driving factor and responsible for our thoughts, behavior and actions, can be channelized through the hypnosis procedure. It can be trained and instructed to act according to your will so that it can dominate and reduce the strong urge for smoking forever.

The Amazing Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Posted By on April 16, 2014

Garcinia Cambogia extract is quickly becoming one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market today. The reason for this is simple, it really works. Garcinia Cambogia is an extract taken from a fruit called the Tamarind. The reason for it’s amazing weight loss properties is that the extract contains large quantities of hydroxycitric acid. This substance, often referred to simply as HCA works by both blocking the ability of your body to convert carbohydrates into fat, and also boosting your mood by elevating serotonin levels. This two pronged approach means that you are getting the benefit of two weight loss components in the form of one supplement.

Native Tamarind

One of the main reasons that Garcinia Cambogia has quickly become so popular is that it is an all natural weight loss product. Most weight loss supplements contain strong stimulants and other harsh artificial ingredients. Garcinai Cambogia instead contains only all natural HCA. While stimulants tend to leave you feeling irritable, the HCA in Garcinia Cambogia has the opposite effect. It’s serotonin boosting qualities helps you leave you feeling pleasant and relaxed. This means that if you are what is called an emotional eater Garcinia Cambogia can help to prevent this destructive eating habit. In addition to helping with your mood Garcinia Cambogia also helps to physically prevent your body from turning carbohydrates into fat. This means that carbohydrates, which are generally viewed as unhealthy, will not prove to be as problematic for you when you are taking Garcinia Cambogia.

While Garcinia Cambogia has amazing weight loss properties it’s important to remember that no product can do all of the work for you. You are going to have to be sensible in what you eat, and you are also going to have to exercise regularly. While Garcinia Cambogia is not a magic pill that will instantly help you to lose weight, it is a product that can greatly increase your ability to lose weight. If you are committing to eating right and exercising then there’s no reason you shouldn’t use Garcinia Cambogia to give yourself every advantage in your fight against obesity. Losing weight can be a major challenge for a lot of people. Staying motivated to keep on your diet and keep up your exercise routine can be tough. Garcinia Cambogia can help you to keep a positive mindset while at the same time helping you to increase your ability to lose weight.

The Truth About Addtabz

Posted By on April 15, 2014

Addtabz was originally created as an alternative to the Adderall medicine. It is termed as an adrenaline supplement as it improves the concentration ability, energy and focus in users.

When it was introduced, most people had doubts about this supplement since it seemed to follow in the steps of Adderall. Adderall is a good drug but recent reports have shown that it has possible chances of causing addiction in the users. Addtabz on the other hand has taken the positive effects of Adderall and left the negative effects behind.

Improve your brain

Improve your brain


The ingredients of Addtabz are a blend that is commonly known as Ampheta CDP. The active ingredients in this blend are:

Choline-CDP- It has neurotransmitters that have an influence on moods and cognitive functions.

Octopamine- It influences brain and mental functions.

Methylhexaneamine- It stimulates the central nervous system.

How it works

Addtabz is made using a blend of stimulants and Nootropic ingredients. When one takes this supplement, the body breaks down its ingredients and absorbs them in to the blood stream. Each ingredient is absorbed individually and they all reach the nervous system. When they enter the central nervous system, each ingredient works at bringing out its own effects. The brain enhancing ingredients enhance the cognitive functions and improve focus. The stimulants such as caffeine improve the capability of the Nootropic components. They also aid in keeping the user awake and enhancing concentration.

This supplement is taken on an empty stomach in order to get the best effects out of its ingredients. The effects are experienced within 20-30 minutes of consumption. During the first consumption of this supplement, the alert feeling may feel euphoric to the user. The body then gets used to the effects and utilizes them effectively.


The most significant benefit seen in addtabz customer reviews is the fact that this supplement can be bought over the counter. It does not need a doctor’s prescription. This factor means that the supplement is safe enough to be self administered by users. The main benefit of this supplement is that it improves cognitive functions, boosts moods and energy level. The enhanced focus and concentration allows users to improve their productivity in their specific areas. One of the noted off-label effects of this supplement is that it suppresses appetite. As such, some users have claimed to experience some weight loss.

Addtabz seems to be one of the best adrenaline alternatives that does not require prescription. Its effects are mild enough to make it an over the counter drug yet strong enough to be fully effective. It is definitely a supplement worth looking in to.

Health benefits of pure green coffee with gca

Posted By on April 14, 2014

Would you like to improve your health, if you answered yes, then you should choose the pure green coffee bean with gca. It has several health benefits that you will enjoy once you start using it. This has seen it gain a lot of popularity. It has been clinically proven and you have nothing to worry about when using this product. Green coffee beans are not yet roasted. Roasting reduces the chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has a lot of benefits for weight loss, diabetes and heart disease.

Weight loss

It is popularly known for weight loss because of the chlorogenic acid. This antioxidant will reduce the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. Our bodies usually use this glucose to give provide us with the energy needed to carry on with our day to day activities. This antioxidant will reduce glucose in your body thus making the body to burn fat. Chlorogenic acid will also help in fighting toxins. Antioxidants will also make aging slower. Green coffee is a natural method to lose weight. Using it regularly will give you a slim figure in days.

Heart problems

Taking this green coffee will reduce homocysteine in your body. This will result in reducing your risk of getting heart problems. Apart from this, your arteries will not become clogged because there will be lower cholesterol in your body, thus reducing high blood pressure problems as well as heart attack. Do not worry about your pressure shooting up because there is a solution to keep it balanced.

Reduces risk of diabetes

It will also help you to prevent diabetes by reducing your blood sugar level. The chlorogenic acid will help in breaking down sugar easily. In case you are suffering from diabetes, then you need to take more of green coffee.

Cancer prevention

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee has several benefits and cancer prevention is one of them. It will neutralize the compounds that are ingested in your body. If you take this coffee, then your body will be well prevented from cancer.

However, it is important that you buy your pure coffee from well-known suppliers. You will be able to get these health benefits. It is natural and there are no side effects since it has been proved to provide accurate results. Do not just take coffee, go for the pure green coffee to make use of the benefits it offers your body. Green coffee beans extract has more benefits that are needed by your body with very minimum side effects.

Top Ways Of Starting A Raw Food Diet You Must Know

Posted By on April 13, 2014

No-brainer raw foods

No-brainer raw foods

Raw foods are needed by our bodies for optimum health. Eating raw foods will make you look younger. This is because they skyrocket your energy levels. You are in need of less sleep and you are more proactive. You skin matches your body better as there are no toxins in your body. You will not be bulging as a result of excess fats. The results of eating raw foods are noticed even in less than a week of using them. However, shifting from the normal foods to the raw ones is quite hard. The following are some of the proven ways of starting a raw food diet in your life:

No-brainier raw foods

By just stumbling onto the health food store you will find that you are familiar with most foods found there. You are already familiar with salads, fruits, and veggies. This will make some sense to you, by simply adding more salads, fresh veggies, fresh salsa, fresh fruits, and many more. All of these things are familiar, naturally raw, and easily available. This is the best way of pumping the right amounts of them into your life without much effort. In addition, eating much of these foods, you will be eating less soy, wheat, and many other vegan foods.

Have a plan

It is possible you have a big plan for your life as much as raw foods are concerned. You should try some new tactics to make it measurable and more serious. You can pick one day per week which you should go all raw. Having one day a week for this is quite manageable and less stressful. In addition, it will inspire you to do it for more days. With time you will want to incorporate more days into your life. Before a long time you will find you are three or four days a week until you are all raw.

Raw till dinner

Most people have used this tactic. It is very popular because of the following reasons: it is easy as it accommodates the family members who are not into raw and not all people want to be 100% raw. It is advisable to take about 50% raw.

Certain things raw

This is an amazing option, although it is not commonly used. It is a fun way of taking raw foods daily. It is also a nice way of encouraging your family to go raw. For instance, you can have all your deserts raw, cakes, cookies, and still you will not get bored.

How to Get Thicker Hair in Four Simple Steps

Posted By on April 13, 2014

Get thick, sexy hair

Thinning hair is a major problem not just for women but for men as well. This affects people of all ages and getting a remedy for the situation is important. Thick hair is easy to style, complements the face better and gives a youthful look. There are so many solutions out there on how to get thicker hair. However, it is important to choose the right one in order to get the best results.

First step is finding out the cause of hair loss. Some of the courses include hormone issues, poor diet, or underlying disease conditions. You can consult your doctor for more information on the specific cause. After finding this out, you will be able to know how to approach the problem by tackling the main cause. Once you stop the hair loss, you can start on the journey to recovery.

The second step is to get rid of the damaged hair. Normally, this would be the split ends and trimming should be able to remove them. The split ends will slow down hair growth. Therefore, by removing them, you give your roots a chance to start growing faster. Thirdly, you need to get the right hair products. A lot of people end up with thinning hair due to use of bad products that cause damage to their scalp and hair. Others get into this predicament because of not taking good care of their mane.

Consequently, it is necessary to get conditioning treatment, shampoos and hair oils that are meant for your hair type. The organic hair products are better since they do not have a lot of chemicals that could worsen your condition. Start a regular hair care regime for treating, washing and conditioning. You have to be careful not to overdo this since you could end up stripping the scalp of its natural oils. It is advisable to wash and condition your hair once or twice a week.

The fourth step is to start eating a healthy diet that will stimulate hair growth. What you eat greatly determines how well your body functions. Therefore, to have thicker hair, you need to eat foods that contain a lot of vitamins, proteins and water. On the other hand, you can consult with your doctor on any supplements that will help you boost your diet. Once you follow these steps, you will gradually start seeing an improvement on your hair thickness.

A Healthy Weight Loss With The Alternate Day Diet

Posted By on April 13, 2014

You’ve all heard the scary stories. These are stories of people who’ve gone through the dangerous effects of trying to lose weight too hard. Some of them have thrown up on the gym floor for working out too hard. Some have fainted in public after starving for days. The worst of these stories is of someone developing stomach ulcer because of an irregular diet. You wouldn’t want to end up in a similar situation as these people. Losing weight doesn’t have to be a competition. There’s no medal for someone who’s lost weight in a short amount of time. If there’s anything, you should be striving to lose weight without compromising your health.

This is where the alternate day diet gets the advantage out of all the diet programs. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. The alternate day diet is a very flexible program and you are allowed to eat at least one small meal on the fasting days. The goal is cut back on calories to 20 percent or just one fifth of your regular calorie intake. This act of restricting calories in alternate days has resulted in a healthy weight loss among those who have tried it.

But what if the dieter will try to eat more on the regular days as a way to compensate for the fasting day? This question may have come across you as you read this. Those who have tried the diet have reported to still experiencing weight loss despite the amount of food they ate on the regular days. This means, the only time you need to be strict with calorie numbers is when it’s fasting day.To get you started, you need to determine your regular calorie intake. For example, if you’re an average-sized woman, you’re going to need 2000 calories a day. On fasting days, you should only have 400 calories. The number of calories will depend on your weight. The bigger you are, the more calories you’ll need on your regular days. Divide it by five and that should be the number of calories that you need for the fasting days.

As a healthy precaution, consult with your doctor first. If you have diabetes and are currently taking medication, the alternate day diet might not be good for you. If you’re accustomed to eating large amounts of food every day, cutting back greatly on calories every other day might shock your body and it may backfire. Although that’s hardly the case for those who have tried the diet as not only did they lose weight effectively, it also helped regularize their once slow metabolism.

Cure Anemia Through Food

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Cure anemia through food

Anemia is caused by the failure of red blood cells in carrying adequate oxygen through the body. In other words it is caused by a deficiency in iron. This can occur due to a two main reasons –

1. A low hemoglobin count

2. An abnormality in the iron and protein sourced red colored pigment found in the blood that transports blood from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Symptoms of the disease

When the condition is not severe, the common symptoms include general weakness, constant fatigue, pallor and brittle nails. In instances where the condition is more serious the patient generally suffers from shortness of breath, episodes of fainting and cardiac arrhythmias.

Foods that improve the condition

Food can be a great healer, in fighting health conditions. Anemic persons can improve their diet to recover from the condition. Here is a lowdown on some of the foods that can help –

Meat eaters can eat all types of organ meat, as they are supposed to be an excellent source of iron. Liver is known to be especially beneficial. Beef is another good iron source that can cure the condition. Other sources of iron rich meat include chicken, lamb and fish. Eggs too can be consumed.

Vegetarians can include peas and dried beans in their diet as they have a high iron content. Seeds are also packed with iron and other healthy nutrients. Dried apricots, dates, nuts, raisins and blackstrap molasses have copious amounts of iron in them. Green leafy vegetables, asparagus, broccoli and corn are rich in iron as well.

Consuming folate enriched grains and iron enriched cereals and bread boosts the iron intake.

Foods that enhance iron absorption

Consuming iron rich foods alone does not help those who are anemic. Iron rich foods must be accompanied by foods rich in Vitamin C as it aids in iron absorption. It is therefore prudent to include citrus foods in the diet along with foods rich in iron. Drinking orange juice works as well, as it helps in better absorption of iron by the body.

Cooking in iron pots

A good way to get iron into your body is through food cooked in iron pots. Acidic foods, especially tomatoes cooked in iron pots can add large amounts of the mineral in the food. Cooking in iron is safe and does not pose any health risk. The color of food cooked in iron pots takes on a deeper hue, but the taste remains unaffected.

Heal Your Heart

Posted By on April 12, 2014

Heal your heart

After going through a difficult breakup, you are probably thinking of what could have gone wrong in the relationship that you cherished so much. You may be asking yourself if there is anything that you could have done differently. Unfortunately, these thoughts are not going to help you now. Torturing yourself with what should have or should have not happened is like crying over spilled milk. Instead, what you should be focusing on now is how you are going to get your ex back. If you use simple texts, this can be a really easy thing to do. Texts are an excellent way to establish communication with your ex to see if the feelings you had for each other can be rekindled. However, to get her back successfully using texts, there are few simple rules that must be followed…

1. Avoid texting thing that can cause an argument

Avoid message that bring back memories of things, especially negative things that happened in the past. This will help to prevent arguments from emerging when you are texting each other. An argument in the middle of texting can make your ex feel uncomfortable, something that can bring your texting session to an abrupt end. Focus on establishing a connection with her and avoid talking about things that happened between you in the past, whether positive or negative as much as you can.

2. Before you press the send button, think

Before you press the send button, read the text you have just written to see if it is appropriate and if it is really what you want to send to your ex. Although this rule seems to be so obvious, it is surprising that most people don’t follow it. Remember, every message you send determines how you conversation will go. Your conversation might head either to the right or wrong direction depending on the text you send to her.

3. Do not text too many times

This is the biggest mistake that people texting their exes make. When you send too many texts messages to your ex in one day, you might make her feel as like she is being harassed of pressured. It may also seem like you are desperate, something that can destroy the chances of you two ever getting back together. Give her adequate time to respond to your messages without worrying too much about each response that you are going to get.

Following these rules can be a little tough sometimes. Luckily, you can find resources at http://kissedby.me/ that will help you text your ex the right way all the time.

Safe and Effective Male Enhancement

Posted By on April 12, 2014

Men who want to add a few inches to their length often resort to various pills and medications but few really believe that their efforts will work. There are products, however, that can effectively deliver results when used the right way and in a regular basis. When it comes to penis enhancements, a lot of products are nothing more than elaborate scams. However, Sizegenetics is a cut above the rest because it has managed to stay in the demand since 1995 and has since then became the leading penis enhancing product in the country. It has the backing of doctors as a safe way to promote enlargement and lengthening without the usual side effects that are present with the use of pills.

Why Sizegenetics Works
The system works because it is practical and it uses the proven method of using muscle to gain more mass. The male organ is not really made of muscle,but the principle of building mass through regular use applies to it as well. Working the muscles on a regular basis promotes cell growth which translate to tissue growth and this results to bigger and firmer muscles. The way that the device is designed also promotes stretching and extension since the cells are forced to multiply in order to accommodate the stretch, resulting to added length and girth.

Main Advantage of Sizegenetics
The main reason why a lot of men prefer this system over other products is the level of comfort that is not available in other extenders. The device is comfortable when worn and it ensures total safety with its ergonomic and durable design. It also ensures that the exercises promote growth in the right places and that the cells produced during the traction process are healthy cells. This ensures that the quality of sexual satisfaction remains the same and you do not have to worry about compromising your sexual health when you start using this device. Perhaps the only disadvantage is that like other products, the device can only produce the results you want with regular use. Men who have the discipline to do the stretching and traction exercises can expect to see results in time compared to men who expect overnight results.

Is Sizegenetics a Scam? Read this review. You will see that unlike other systems Sizegenetics has already been proven by countless users and are recommended by experts who know best about what makes a safe and effective system for male enhancement.